Developer & Artist Polycreator


Brian Miller has worked in the games industry for more than 12 years producing games for studios such as Sony, EA and Nintendo. During that time he worked as a both a senior and lead environment artist in addition to specializing in shader and texture creation. Shipped titles include Warhammer Online, Killzone 3, Killzone Shadowfall and Horizon Zero Dawn. Now he focuses on providing clients with professional artwork with a wide range of development offerings while working on his first solo game title during down time.

About Polycreator

Polycreator has been producing stunningly high quality real-time environment art for a variety of projects including architectural visualization and VR game applications. Everything from design, modeling, texturing, shading to lighting are handled with a careful attention to detail and a strong technical understanding. Pulling from years of industry experience allows for complete deliveries that professional developers can rely on.