Founder OZOrenting


Dajo Brinkman is a freelance 360 camera operator and DOP with the Nokia OZO. It was back in 2009, while viewing the camera turning over the drum kit in the screening of ‘U2 3D’ in the cinema, that Dajo got addicted to 3D.

From that moment on he knew that any content he would make, needed to be Stereoscopic. Dajo built his own 3D camera rig and along with trial and error he was able to project 3D stereoscopic content in his own living room. ”The relation between 3D screen size and viewing distance” became his thesis topic at the film academy in 2015.

That same year Dajo found also another passion: Virtual Reality. Intrigued by this new and immersive way of sharing content he set a new goal of only filming in 360. There was only one condition; it had to be stereoscopic, and this became possible with the Nokia OZO.

Working with the Nokia OZO has gained Dajo experience with 360 film projects and films all over Europe. Dajo works with most of the major VR production companies in the Netherland, but worked also with Vision3 from London, JauntVR and Frontline from the US.