2017-12-05 01_41_28-VR Days _ Daniel Doornink




Daniel started his career at a large Dutch corporate (ING) where he gained lots of hands-on experience with Scrum, Agile and Lean Startup techniques. He put his experience to good use mentoring start-ups at Rockstart in Amsterdam and has been involved in their smart energy accelerator program. Spring 2014 he started the Dutch virtual reality community bringing together everyone passionate about VR in the Netherlands. A year later he organized the first European meetup at NUMA in Paris, uniting the Dutch, German, Belgian and French communities.

“We are at the tipping point where the entry level is getting lower and lower. I am convinced that, in the next years, we will see consumers adapting to VR and AR. And that will help the industry to mature further and develop proven business models.”

In August 2015 Daan joined the Parisian-based startup VideoStitch as their VP Strategic Partnerships and was heavily involved in launching their 360 live stream camera Orah. Based out of silicon valley he helped in raising Series A for the startup and extended his network in the valley’s extensive VC network. Recently he founded VRBASE in Amsterdam with the goal of uniting the several physical hotspots in Europe and to create a true VR/AR ecosystem. VRBASE is an incubator/co-working space, accelerator program/fund and content production company. Finally, he is always up for letting people know how passionate he is about VR as a public speaker.