Dennis - Denis Dubinin


Co-Founder & UE4 Wizard Geodesic Games


Technical entrepreneur and programmer. He knows how to mix creativity with technology and bring innovate product into the market.

He came with a marketing education, experience in sales and branding, but his passion is technology.

His devotion is Unreal Engine. He has a lot of experience with C++, Graphics programming.

Nowadays he working with awesome people from Geodesic game together to mix New Technology with Graphics Engines.

Originally Dennis from Ukraine, nowadays he is leaving in Amsterdam with his lovely wife and cat.


Geodesic Games – it is the place where we push the boundary of New Technology integration with Graphics Engines, like Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine and the rest.

Geodesic Games is all about fun. This is our goal.

We try to make our work, creativity, communication as fun as we can.