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Fabio Buccheri is CO-Founder of Noys VR. His responsibilities are business development and music management. He studied media management and worked as a producer, artist manager and sound designer for the past five years. The focus of his work lies on the effects of live music performances in virtual environments as well as their 3D audio implementation.

“Music and concerts are based on the connection between artists and their fans. VR, with its ability to stimulate multiple senses simultaneously, offers the perfect technology to bridge the artificial with the emotional.”


NOYS VR is a company based in Hamburg, Germany. The basic concept for the company was developed in 2014, when the founders Fabio Buccheri and Fatih Inan first came in touch with the impressive technology of virtual reality. After a flash of inspiration Fabio and Fatih started chasing their dream of combining this technology to their passion: live music. With the ambitioned motion designer and co-founder Jörg Kahlhöfer on board, NOYS VR is working hard on bringing their vision to reality. The experienced and passionate consultant and entrepreneur Pascal Kuemper joined the team early on as a co-founder to launch the product in this new disruptive market. The growing team works closely together with many local and international artists, labels and partners who function as experts and pioneers during the concept phase of concert creations.