Creative Developer ODDZ


Gijs started making 8mm movies in the mid seventies. He was hoping to make a career in film and went to London to attend film school. However it was not to be. Almost from day one Gijs got sidetracked into computer animation. After a short internship at a computer graphics research facility at EMI he was invited to join them full time. Gijs didn’t look back for a long time. He worked for computer animation companies in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Düsseldorf and back to Amsterdam. Somewhere along the way his first name was rearranged into something his English colleagues could pronounce and Gijs became know as Mr.  Jigs.

Mr. Jigs then returned to London and worked with multimedia for the renowned educational publisher Dorling Kindersley, moving from multimedia to internet in the mid-nineties. Working on medium to large scale internet applications for various educational publishers Mr. Jigs finally took the time to look back in the late noughties. With the first iPhone in his hand he decided that he wanted create beautiful, small scale products again and started his own company Oddz producing media and art related apps for phones and tablets. When VR / AR became available Mr. Jigs jumped at the opportunity to not only tell stories but to also let people experience them in full 3D. Again, he hasn’t looked back since.



Oddz is a small and independent design and production company. We specialise in VR / AR, Apps and user experience design for online and mobile media.

At Oddz we believe that experiences should be both attractive and enjoyable. No form without function. No bells and whistles just because we can. We want to create the best user experience for anyone, anywhere, anytime, on whatever device. Good design and clean code, always keeping the end user in mind.