jasper meier


XR Developer XRBASE


Mesh generation and procedural content generation are some of the favorite things that Jasper likes to program. This is mostly done in Unity, using the C# language, but Jasper also has experience using the Unreal engine and C++. Jasper also has skills in javascript and R / R-Shiny.

Jasper has a bachelor degree in Game Development, which he earned at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. During this period Jasper also followed an internship at 2SQRS, located at the XRBase. After this period Daan offered Jasper a job as developer for the XRBase itself.

Common topics in Jaspers work are AR, VR and XR. He has experience programming with the Magic Leap, HTC Vive and AR (on IOS, android and using webAR). By working with new soft- and hardware, Jasper keeps himself up to date on current topics and advancements in his field.

Mathematics is one of Jaspers favorite subjects and he is mostly interested in this subject, because of the ability that mathematics has to describe everything. In his work as programmer this is a daily activity, which he sees as solving puzzles, making his hobby into a job.