Along with the Realities.io team in Berlin, Karen enables the production of interactive documentaries in explorable virtual reality. Her work aims to help people rethink what tourism, education, and storytelling will look like when advanced engineering technologies become ubiquitous. Using a project management background which spans from museum construction in NYC to innovation marketing in SF and London, she is building the content communities and business models that will be the foundation of the emerging VR industry.

“What do I love about VR? I love its potential to impact people’s perspectives on the issues that are most affecting this world.”

About realities.io

Explore places that were out of reach before – Realities brings the real world into VR, fully explorable, interactive & with stunning photo-realism. Too many amazing places are too far away, too expensive to get to, closed off to the general public or too dangerous to visit. We want to enable everybody to explore those places and discover their stories. A place is more than 3D geometry – Realities combines a unique mix of photorealistic environments, spatial audio, interactive elements, narration, video and holograms for a new way of non-linear, spatial storytelling.
This is only the beginning – our goal is to enable a wide spectrum of diverse creators to bring real places in VR and tell their stories on Realities! Collaborating with visionary content creators we are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible on Realities, shaping a new way of discovering the real world in VR.