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Starting On Air Consultancy & Own concept development Period 02-2017 – on going

In the first quarter of 2016 I came across Augmented Reality and was fascinated by the technology and possibilities, instantly I felt that this was the direction I needed to go.

During the year I kept digging deeper into the technology, coming up with more ideas going along the way.

At the end of 2016 I installed Unity, started learning and building, stacking knowledge in Unity, C#, Vuforia and Blender as I went.

In February 2017 I made the decision: I quit my job and started my own company to pursue my goals; using this technology to develop beneficial concepts for B2B, B2C and leading Innovative tech projects.
June 2017: Two of my concepts within Media and Tourism have come to prototype phase and will be presented to the respective markets.

P.A.R.A. (Projected Augmented Reality Artistry)
Period 04-2016 to 04-2016
For it’s 50th birthday, Paradiso set out a content jam to come up with an Augmented Reality concept to complement, enhance and add a dimension to the Paradiso experience.
On Air Consultancy formed a team, started up Project P.A.R.A. to design a concept with the goal to augment and enrich the Paradiso experience in the following two areas:
• Internal storytelling
• Storytelling outside Paradiso
The result of the project was a scalable concept and prototype, using holographic video projection, 360 videoprojection and Augmented Reality.
The concept enhanced the concert experience inside of Paradiso, and created the possibility to set up the Paradiso experience, in locations and festivals around the world.