XRbase - Kira Koch


Educational Animation and Learning Developer Mindset Network


Kira is intrigued by the value in addressing a field of study from the perspective of a mathematician, physicist, philosopher, artist, and communicator. This led her to embark on a gap year working for the education NGO, Mindset Network. She has been involved in investigating the effectiveness of emerging technologies (AR and VR) as learning tools and has helped develop an AR stoichiometry card game and an animated series showcasing major scientific discoveries.

Kira is interested in the capability of VR to immerse one in a reality deliberately unrestricted by the familiar laws of physics- as this encourages introspection of our own reality. She is also interested in the use of analogy in the conceptualization and communication of scientific concepts. With this in mind, Kira explored analogy in physics as a passion project by constructing a VR experience that takes the curious layman through an immersive, interactive and artistic journey of string theory. She believes a visceral exposure to the analogies in complex physics might help build an “intuition” for its claims, comparable to the intuition we have of Newtonian physics due to our lifelong experience of it. In this way, the gap between researcher and layman may be addressed through the entertainment medium of VR.