Head of Content VR Days


As head of content for the VR Days Europe I am responsible for the program of the Church of VR. This is the big content show of the VR Days, where visitors of the festival can experience creative VR and AR work from all over the world.

“I believe that producing VR starts with defining what elements make this medium different from the media we already know. My philosophy is that, to bring this medium forward, we should try to make content that is as relevant to the medium as possible. We can do this by focusing on exploring and using medium-specific elements to tell a story or form a concept around.”


VR Days Europe (previously known as Dutch VR Days) is a annual professional conference: 3 days of the best demos, great keynotes, insightful expert sessions, a VRackathon and live content creation.

Get exposed to the best AR & VR professionals ranging from creatives and VR developers to corporate innovators and meet the shakers, makers, and players of the industry. We want to facilitate production of the better of VR and AR, to bring together the European community, to inspire the industry, to generate ideas and assignments and to create business. That is why we focus on a broad range of subjects in the conference and expert sessions. We aim to show the best content in order to advocate VR. Use VR Days Europe for branding, show your thought leadership or generate new business.