Account Manager SENSIKS


Since I was a kid I was fascinated by science fiction. Watching Star Trek and seeing people being able to always talk to each other, to computers and even step into completely realistic experiences on a holodeck blew my mind. Nowadays we’re always connected with our friends, family and beloved ones and non-stop communication by phone is no curiosity anymore. This leaves me exploring the science and possibilities of bringing the infamous holodeck to our lives.

During my study in psychology I became wondered by the many aspects of the human mind and behaviour. Evolutionary psychology makes me enthusiastic in terms of history, biology and philosophy and activates my fantasy in things to come. During my masters track in health behaviour, I go my first introduction to the use of VR for the treatment of different phobias and PTSD. Writing my thesis about the effect of (training) implicit tendencies on addiction, I was amazed on how a simple computer task could have such a big effect on our addictive associations and thereby behaviour, feeling and quality of life.

After working in different management positions in both non-profit and commercial organizations, I got hooked on VR after building a VR app at the VRDAYS in Amsterdam. Being able to combine my interest in gaming, science, psychology, gadgets, health and evolution, I’m now having a great time working at Sensiks – creator of interactive Sensory Reality Pods. By activating all senses, including tactile and smell, the holodeck is here in the form of sensory reality. As an account manager I am the point of contact for both clients and content creators. Feel free to contact me anytime, I’m always open for new ideas, questions and challenges.


Our product is a multi-sensory experience cabin, accompanied by a platform for the development of experiences and the distribution of these sensory experience productions. Sensory Reality is applied in Wellness, hotels, airports, cruise lines, offices, Relaxation & stress reduction, Mental care (e.g. treatment of dementia, PTSD, autism, brain damage), Holidays, travel, leisure, Retail, online shopping, Education & Training, Home Entertainment, Brand Entertainment & Marketing (consumer brand experiences) or Interactive Gaming.

Using our SDK Experience Builder, creators can enhance their (existing) audiovisual (film/photo/music/VR/360) with stimuli for all senses. These creations can immediately be tested at the XRBASE in Amsterdam.