VR Developer 

Creative Coder

Video Performer


Rob Bogucki is a VR developer, versatile problem-solver and worldbuilder with a deep
passion for computer graphics, music and their immersive intersections. Coming from a
background spanning engineering, HCI, Ocean Mapping and artistic performance, he
strives to deliver striking, outside-the- box, elegant solutions to design and
implementation challenges.

“Growing up as a gamer, I was always fascinated by how hardware capabilities and
limitations unleash creativity; architectures of graphics and sound chips bringing about
new artistic styles. And recent leaps in XR tech drive this point home for me more
forcefully than ever!”


Always keen to peek ahead of the curve, Rob has developed a working prototype of an
Augmented Reality video-seethrough system back in 2006. Continuing his explorations
of technology, science and design, he presented his live generative visual performances
and interactive installations to audiences of several festivals across the globe.
In 2013 Rob founded his consultancy Fathomable and started conceptual work on
GNOSIS, a Gesamtkunstwerk-inspired VR project which has since solidified into a
collaboration of artists from six countries. Presented as an installation at many events
across Europe (London, Berlin, Barcelona, Galway, Dublin, Brighton), GNOSIS
continues to evolve with feedback from diverse audiences. It was recently nominated for
the Grand Prix at the A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 independent game festival and is finally
nearing its release for the general public.
Fathomable specializes in Unity Development, Shader Programming, Interface Design,
3D Design, Art Direction, 3D Scanning and Data Processing.