Founder ImmersiveSpeaking


Vries Strookman is founder of ImmersiveSpeaking, the next-generation training agency for better speaking. Besides his operations at the XRBase, he has temporarily roles as change-agent through intrapreneurship and chief in communications for a number of leading brands. Strookman has a background in business studies, communications science and worked as a journalist and reporter for various media-outlets, in print, radio and online.

“Achieving a break-through in the way that individuals, team and leaders improve their presentation skills through immersive learning experiences – designed, tested and applied in the XR Base and XR studio at Marineterrein Amsterdam.”


ImmersiveSpeaking is a next-generation speaking academy that uses immersive learning experiences to prepare individuals, teams and leaders for stage and media presentations. We offer virtual, augmented and audio environments through which we simulate real-life public settings. We aim at individuals through our accessible crash courses and offer tailored team and leadership courses. ImmersiveSpeaking works with actors, communication specialists and former journalists to prepare participants to perform most effectively on-stage and in front of a camera or microphone.