We believe in the power of direct exchange, iterative learning and working. As we set up dedicated XR physical hubs in Europe’s major capitals, we are enabling communal growth as well as fostering an unique synergy between creative disciplines and corporate institutions.

Tools / Gear

HMDs, laptops, cameras, software – we help to provide all the essential resources to boost our members’ growth in this early stage industry and raise attention for resulting projects.

Spacious, Unique Common Areas

XRBASE Berlin and Amsterdam are both located in areas that foster diversity and exchange.

Fast Internet

Hard-wired (Ethernet) connections as well as access to Wi-Fi in all VRBASE locations.

Low Cost Refreshments

Get coffee, tea, water, and beer at every VRBASE location for low cost.


Parking areas near the Bases to drop off equipment easily

Green Screen Studio

Fully equipped Green Screen Studio can be booked at the Amsterdam Base - the Berlin Studio is in development



VRBASE is a one-stop for interested people to get into the XR industry.

European cities are diverse – in every capital XRBASE is shaped and inspired by its local community. From these vibrant hubs we connect all of our members throughout the European Bases. We are also encouraging and supporting regular exchange with our international partners, who run similar hubs – such as the Realities Center in London, Upload Collective in LA and more.

While bringing together the XR community, reaching out further and cultivating input from a diversity of creative disciplines to inspire our members to explore and push beyond the boundaries of current VR/AR content.



As the VR/AR industry is totally unique in it’s nature and pace of development it needs deep insight and knowledge to take the right decisions at the right time. VRBASE has gathered an experienced team of advisors and mentors as well as industry partners to acquire and consolidate vital information about the current and future state of the industry. These insights highlight profound opportunities in terms of resulting market shares and financing opportunities.

To establish a sustainable ecosystem we are closely cooperating with our investors and industry partners, updating them about our members projects and resulting growth. Depending on their needs we provide introductions, organise presentations, demo days and events.

In an early stage industry (that is still gaining consumer traction), the need to gain access to professional business advice, capital and talent, in order to grow VR/AR startups, is crucial. We want our members to gain this access and accelerate their growth.