The BASE in Amsterdam is located at an active Dutch navy base which is gradually being transformed into the largest startup area of the Netherlands.

The base consists of desk- and office space, a professional green screen studio and a former shooting range repurposed into a 4-player VR experience.



Berlin is known for having a unique creative vibe and recently being discussed as the new startup city in europe. The art and fashion industry intersecting with the lively tech and maker scene have made this city fertile ground for XR.

At Colonia Nova, a space for creative arts VRBASE opened it’s first german Base with many international VR/AR influencers making their way to this creative hotspot in europe. 



We are working on opening new VRBASEs in Europe in 2018. Stay tuned.


Our team’s always here to talk it out, just reach out by email to [email protected]

How many VRBASEs exist?
Amsterdam is up and running, Berlin is currently in beta-launch, more locations are coming soon!


When are you open?
VRBASE staff are available on weekdays (M-F) from 10am to 6pm. Those with Basic Memberships and Flex Desk Memberships have access only during these hours. VRBASE Dedicated Desk and Private Office members have access 24/7.


How I can contact you?
Mail us: [email protected]

Can I work out of any VRBASE?
Yes. As a member you have access to all of our hubs throughout Europe.


Can I do a tour at the VRBASE?
Of course! We would love to show you around the base. To book a tour please click here.

Are there different desk prices at the different BASES?

Yes prices differ depending on the city you are in. The BASES are all adapted to local circumstances and integrated in the local ecosystem.