In collaboration with the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam Warp Industries developed a Virtual Reality CPR training. In CPR time is always of the essence and every decision counts. But what are these decisions and how much time do you have before a life is on the line.



Warp Industries created an interactive VR experience in which you call the shots in a real life situation. By making choices during a scenario the life of a man is in your hands. This VR experience is used to train medical staff at the AMC in which they are taught a CPR protocol which they need to know by heart when it is needed.


The Academic Medical Center conducted a  research using two test groups. One group was trained with traditional (non VR) e-learning and  the other group was trained with the VR CPR training developed by Warp Industries. The group that learned the CPR protocol through the VR training scored significantly higher compared to the (non VR) e-learning group. Results from the questionnaire also showed that the VR training was experienced as less time consuming compared to the (non VR) e-learning.


The ‘CPR’ app is available in Dutch (Android & iOS) and English (Android & iOS). The only thing you need is the app, a mobile phone and VR Glasses.


Credits to all of the team members that made the project happen: