Together with KRO-NCRV, a Dutch media and tv broadcaster we developed the VR experience ‘The confused man’, a compelling story based on the real life experience of Jeroen Zwaal.


What is it like to be confused? To be even so disconcerted you climb into a transmission tower and for hours refuse to come down, or you bite a paramedic who only tries to help you? In the past year Dutch media have broadcasted countless news reports on people who get themselves in situations like that. In the Netherlands there is a great concern about the fast increasing number of these so called confused people.

Out of control

But how do you get into a situation like that? How do things get so badly out of control that even the police needs to be involved?

“The Confused Man” is the first Virtual Reality project by De Monitor, an investigative journalism tv program. De Monitor opted for Virtual Reality not because of the hype, but because they wanted people to experience for themselves what it is like to lose their grip on reality and raise awareness this way.

Based on a true story

The story is based on the life of, and made together with, Jeroen Zwaal. You hear what he thinks, you see what he sees and you go through the narration in 3 takes. Based on his true story about 5 psychoses we put together an compelling animated experience.

As soon as you put on the goggles, you will find yourself in his living room and will be the leading character of the story. You will feel as though you are experiencing a psychosis, which will blur your sense of reality completely. Multiple moments of interaction have been built into the story to involve the viewer.


The Confused Man is available on iOS as well as in the Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear VR


De Monitor