Experience the Journey of one’s mind going through a Meditation, visualised via abstract shapes, while being transported to a new surrounding in a way that’s only possible through the immersiveness of virtual reality

Runtime: 12 minutes

Format: 360 Video

Device: Mobile VR viewer / Daydream or Gear



TripinReality is about one’s journey through states of consciousness. The protagonist of the story is the user, who is able to experience meditative states translated to surroundings as the cycles progress.

The experience runs through 5 cycles of different music and shapes, with each cycle lasting around 2 minutes. As the experience progresses the relaxing sound components gradually increase, consisting of synthesized binaural beats, white noise and heartbeat sounds.

During development, the project was always led with a sound-design first approach.




TripinReality is the result of a collaboration between WerbeWeischer, Nqyer Media, XRBASE Berlin, SNG Hamburg, EvrBit (syncing of GearVR headsets and cinema audio system) and Future Candy.

Concept and art direction was done by XRBASE’s co-founder Sara Lisa Vogl. 

The visuals were created by Vladimir Ilic AKA VRHuman. 

Robo Ruud was responsible of the audiovisual landscape, audio-reactive animation, camera work and rendering. 

Music and samples were produced by SNG Hamburg




WerbeWeischer and Nqyer Media had the idea for this innovative approach they call “Compositions of Music and Visuals” (CMV): combining the technological advantages of a movie theater and its high-end sound installations with the immersive effects of Virtual Reality.

TripinReality is the pilot project and had its world premier at November, 16th, in the traditional Berlin cinema ZooPalast. 150 people could experience the journey all synced to the same frame and music from the cinema’s 7.1 speakerset. The GearVR headsets were provided by Samsung.