WebVR, SummerBase session 4



Thu 13 July 2017
17:00 – 20:30 CEST


5 Kattenburgerstraat
1018 JA Amsterdam

Time left before start

2017/07/13 17:00:00


Welcome to SummerBase, throughout the summer we will provide you with several VR events. Nearly every week we will host an different subject with different speakers at VRBASE! Topics differ from VR porn, VR storytelling to VR in Media. You can buy a passe-partout (access to all the summer base events) for only 25 euros! Please check this link for more info about the passe-partout and the different events that will follow. It will be a VRtasic summer!!!




For this WebVR event we invited Nick van Manen, Ruben van der Leun and Detlef La Grand to share their WebVR knowledge with us.
The first talk will be an interactive presentation where we show how fast and simple a webVR site can be build with Aframe (webVR framework). This will be presented by Nick van Manen and Ruben van der Leun from The Reality lab. The reality lab shows, teaches, and build VR.
The second talk will be about how VRmaster apply webVR and the use of (Google) analytics in combination with webVR. Presented by Detlef La Grand from VRmaster.co. VRmaster.co is a VR publication platform and CMS. They build their own web 3d renderer and are now migrating to Aframe.



17.00 – 18.00 walkin
18.00 – 18.25 The Reality lab
18.25 – 18.35 small break
18.35 – 19.00 VRmaster
19.00 – 20.30 demo’s and drinks