The mission of VRBASE Productions is to create high-quality immersive experiences that push the boundaries of this new medium, while also adding value to your organization and delivering a remarkable experience to your target audience. Together with our members, we take on diverse projects ranging from experimental creative pieces for a consumer audience to practical VR solutions for businesses.

Feel free to contact us by filling out this brief form or email us at [email protected] We also offer a variety of VR/AR corporate training workshops under our new program “VRBASE Skill Up”. For more information please send us an email at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to drop by the Base in Amsterdam or Berlin and talk to us in-person! We’re open M-F 10AM – 6PM.


Creating compelling content for virtual and augmented reality mediums is no easy feat. The best VR creators have a combination of technical expertise, creative vision, and a deep understanding of their target audience to tell stories (B2C) or fulfill a business need (B2B). The VR/AR industry is still at an early-stage. Hardware and software are evolving rapidly. There is no proven model or “body of knowledge” on how to develop immersive content. Experimentation and thorough user testing are currently the best methods at determining if a new concept or idea will actually translate to this medium.

VRBASE aims to create the highest-quality immersive content, in collaboration with members and clients, pushing the boundaries of this new industry together. We develop content iteratively, implementing agile/lean start-up methodologies and rapid prototyping. This ensures that we are constantly learning and at the same time improving our development process. We develop immersive content together with our clients by creating a multidisciplinary development team consisting of VRBASE developers, designers, project managers alongside representatives from our client’s organisation. We want our customers to learn how to use this new medium in a meaningful way.


session one: playground

In the first session, we establish project roles and responsibilities across the main stakeholders and the content creation team. Together, we summarize high level goals of the project. We also share a brief overview of VRBASE Productions, our past successes, relevant conceptual examples and industry knowledge.


session two: product vision

Synthesizing Key Concepts and Answering Strategic Questions. Who is the target audience? What do you want them to feel while going through the experience? Is there an action your looking the audience to take upon completion of the experience? What is the benefit to your company/brand? What are you trying to communicate to the end user? Which VR/AR device and software is best for this experience?


session three: minimal viable product

In this session, we outline a product feature wishlist and determine which components will appear in the first iteration of our Minimum Viable Product. Next, we ensure our product feature wishlist and MVP are satisfying our initial project goals, that we drafted earlier during Session One. Finally, we walkthrough a hypothetical user’s experience with the MVP and answer the following questions: What will the target users experience be in virtual reality? What will they do? What will they see? What will they hear? What will they feel?


session four: prototype feedback

Based on the MVP that was defined in Session Three, the team has developed the first iteration of the MVP. In this fourth session, you and someone who resembles your target audience, try the experience and give feedback. Learnings from this session will be integrated into the next iteration of the prototype.


session five: final prototype

The team presents the final prototype to the main stakeholders and/or target audience. VRBASE will facilitate the presentation day and provide you with the necessary hardware.


Our team’s always here to talk it out, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Do you produce AR/VR/MR experiences?

Yes, we do. Through the VRBASE freelancer pool and our local & international networks, we offer full end-to-end VR production services. Contact VRBASE productions to learn more.

Who do you work with?

Our clients and partners consist of freelancers, artists, local digital agencies, advertising agencies, consulting agencies, local production companies, international production companies, Fortune 1000 companies and more!

What do you offer?

We offer end-to-end VR/AR experience production in both Unity and Unreal. We’ll work with your team to outline exactly what you want your VR experience to be like. Then we will reach out to our team of freelancers and the VRBASE network to get quotes and determine the project scope.

What are the costs for productions?

The costs of production varies widely depending on gameplay interaction, custom 3D asset creation, textures, scale, graphics quality, etc.