The mission of XRBASE Productions is to create high-quality immersive experiences that push the boundaries of this new medium, while also adding value to your organization and delivering a remarkable experience to your target audience. We take on a diverse range of projects from experimental, creative artwork for consumer audiences to targeted, practical solutions for innovative businesses.



There is no formula for creating compelling content in virtual, augmented, or mixed reality. The industry is still in its earliest days. Technological innovations are inspiring digital artists, while the artists continue to challenge the engineers.

Experimentation, user testing and putting together the right team are key. We provide the expertise to ensure you get these right.

Our partner productions broken down into 5 milestone meetings.  

Session 1: Playground

Company introductions, high-level project goals, team roles and responsibilities

Session 2: Product Vision

Target market, story outline, intended feelings, development strategy

Session 3: Minimum Viable Product

Storyboarding, feature wishlist

Session 4: Prototype Feedback

User tests of the completed MVP with selected market representatives

Session 5: Production Presentation

Stakeholder preview, market release


Our team’s always here to talk it out, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Creating Experiences

What types of productions do you create?

XRBASE along with its freelancer network produces almost every type of VR, AR or Mixed Reality productions. We are capable of producing both 360 video and interactive room-scale vr, including photorealistic spaces.

What tools do you use?

Just like our productions, we have a wide-range of capabilities through our freelance network. We have experience building experiences for major VR/AR platforms, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows MR, AR Kit and AR Core. Though our more frequently used engine tends to be Unity, we have many freelancers who are experts in Unreal. There are benefits to both that we’d be happy to consult you on. We are using 3D programs like Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender and alike. Allegorithmics Substance Painter and Designer are one of our favourites as well as Microsofts Sympligon. We love to rapid prototype with Tiltbrush, Blocks, Medium, Mixamo and everything that makes XR life easier.   

Can you film holograms for my experience?

Yes! Though we do not have a volumetric scanning setup ourselves, we have close connections to individuals who do and can set up these connections for you. However, we recommend our stereoscopic filming technique for holograms to optimize experience performance. (Most of the time you don’t need to see the back of the hologram that’s talking to you anyway!)


Who do you normally work with for productions?

We have made productions with a wide-range of partners, from individual surrealist artists to Fortune 1000 companies. We are happy to work within any industry from advertising to medical care.

What do you look for in a production partner?

We are happy about partners who understand the nature of creating content in new, unchartered territory. They are ideally open-minded, willing to go new ways and longing for high quality, sustainable user experience design while reaching new audiences.

What are the timetables and costs of a production?

That really depends on what you’re looking for! Please fill out the Typeform above to discuss. The variables that affect our offerings include, but are not limited to: gameplay, interaction, custom 3D asset creation, textures, graphics quality, scale and interactivity of the environment.

My production is already underway. Can I still enlist XRBASE’s help?

Of course! We’re happy to jump into a production at any point. However, there will be a cost to assess the received state of the project. Looking at performance and state of the overall project – fe critical issues that must be fixed, we need to take this into account when drafting our scope of work and proposal.